*Communication Skills

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."
Peter Drucker

The art of communication is perhaps the most important part of practising medicine.  Whether communicating with colleagues, patients or relatives, it is what sets the great doctors apart from the good.  It is what patients remember most - how you talked to them, how you treated them, whether you took their concerns on board.  We have collected some useful resources on the art of communication for doctors.

Key Communication Skills and how to acquire them. Peter Maguire and Carolyn Pitceathly

Dealing with relatives - what to say and how to say it. Dr Mahibur Rahman

SPIKES - a six step protocol for breaking bad news. Dr Robert Buckman

Making a successful presentation.  Dr Mahibur Rahman

Composing a good clinic letter. Dr Mahibur Rahman

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